Thank You, Come Again by Frances Berry

Art of the Week

The current exhibition on view at Nashville’s Channel To Channel gallery is a collaboration between two dynamic and energetic creatives: Frances Berry and Stacy Kiehl. The show, titled “At Your Convenience,” includes bold visuals that jump off of the gallery walls and visual reminders of the synergistic potential that this type of collaboration can manifest in the creative process.

“Though Frances Berry and Stacy Kiehl have vastly different artistic styles (Stacy having a more graphic style, Frances, more painterly), they share a bold and vibrant color palette,” explained the gallery in a statement. “They have described their collaborative process as being comparable to tag-team wrestling or pen pal correspondence, as they pass work back and forth until they achieve a satisfying result.”

Berry’s Thank You, Come Again is a powerful example of her signatures: it’s a bold elevation of a seemingly benign object, rendered with a brash outlook. In some ways, it is a variation on her previous work, exhibited at Channel To Channel in 2019.

But the tag-team approach between Berry and Kiehl seems to have drawn new energy and execution out of the artists, as the collaboration marked firsts for them both.

“While Frances has previously created collaborative art with her past studio mate … she has never collaborated with another female artist before,” per Channel To Channel. “This is Stacy’s first artistic collaboration.”

The two found that their partnership could yield substantive creative output almost instantly — Kiehl visited Berry’s studio one day and Berry asked her on the spot to help with a piece that she felt wasn’t quite finished. Two days later, Kiehl came back, added some elements to the painting, and the pair began their working relationship.

“She’s become my very best friend in such a short period of time,” Berry told Choose 901 in an interview.

Berry received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Alabama and her Master of Fine Arts degree from the Memphis College of Art. Her work has been featured in Marfa, Texas; Paris and by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. She currently lives in Memphis.

Channel to Channel is located at 507 Hagan Street in We-Ho.

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